Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Horror called Night Shifts..............

3.30 AM.what am i doing up so late......question is ridiculous as the night shift drags along to provide US coverage.Out of a strength of 350,only 10 have turned up for a Sunday night shift and to add to the misery of sleeplessness,i am alone in my aisle,counting down time till it strikes 6.30 AM.

9 out of the ten are half asleep with snores rocking the 7th floor of our Leela Infopark and as for work,who works on a Sunday in US.So the question remains as to what we are doing here on a beautiful night when we could be happily dreaming about sheeps on our comfy beds.

The only happiness that drives me forward is that this is my last night shift as i start working on contract basis for a state PSU.Goodbye Shifts and here's welcoming the great 10-5 government timing.

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