Thursday, 30 August 2012


What is with pervert men and shamelessness???I mean its not as if these men are not born from a women's womb.can't they respect women for who they such we are not allowed to go out at night and here in broad daylight things happen that you think God!let it not happen to who ever i know.But is that all our responsibility?
This hapened to me at 8AM on 28th.I was waiting for the bus and since it was a public holiday i was the only person at the bus stop.This guy in a bike wearing a helmet passes me shaking his penis at that one moment all i could do was stand there took me a few minutes to recover and by that time he was no where in sight.all i could ask myself was What did i do?did i not dress properly and then i realised a girl in the most literate state of India was embarrassed of something she didn't even what we girls to do?
I studied self defense in my college but how can you defend yourself from someone on a bike.and this is not only happening to me but also to the thousands of girls who dare to venture out of their house.
So what are we to do....STAY LOCKED UP IN OUR ROOM?

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