Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Where can i get a Male Ghost???

Just a boring ole' day with no files to work on and no spicy gossip to indulge on.That's when Ms S remembered that there was a Ghost at the new building where we are shifting to.Now this was something we couldn't let go of.Ghost!!!.....Hello! we are in the 21st century or is that 22nd century or whatever and now also people believe in ghosts???now this started a lively discussion about ghosts and apparitions in today's time.(Briefed below,please take notes...)
  • Why is it that Ghosts come out only in the night-I mean come out in the morning,see the sunrise,smell the morning essence.etc,or what about in the evening...hang out in the park,meet new ghosts,socialize with the elite section of evil....the list is endless.Then why the preference for night?
  • Why are ghosts so ugly-Is it by choice that ghosts remain ugly.are they supposed to have blood shot eyes and scarred faces for special effects.why not add in a bit of lipstick to enhance the effect?
  • Why do only ghosts have sound effects-You know that eery feeling when you here a violin playing or a dog howling in the middle of the night,(OK!maybe the violin was put for major effect!!!).......Does the ghost walk around with a stereo system and that too only one that plays melodramatic tunes???
  • Why do ghosts have a vengeance? All ghosts that we have seen in movies and heard about only come back to seek revenge or to find their lost love. Is ghost hood only about Revenge and Love? I mean why can’t people die happily and come back to stay with their families. They could sing, dance and have dinner together. But how could they digest the food???   
  • And to top it off why is it that all ghosts are females? Every horror movie you watch the ghost present is always a female? Don’t Men have any reason to come back as ghosts or is it that they will be scared of their own image?
Reference- Female Ghost???

Wonder when will I get to meet a Handsome Manly Ghost???

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