Friday, 9 March 2012

Baag Baag

Delhi Belly,was what i was watching right now and its a movie which i can rate as one of the must see movies for todays gen.its unbashedness is what appeals to the common man.
The story of three friends over 2 days make up one helluva story.Vir Das as the frusrated Arup is the most enjoyable to watch.his transformation in the way he sees himself after his girlfriend dumped him is a must watch.Kunal Roy Kapoor as the unashamed photographer blackmailer Nitin Beri comes about as a snigger riot.The  person who i most admired was Imran Khan as the ever-famous journalist Tashi.Imran Khan has managed well to perform beyond his chocolate boy looks and this definitley brings out his acting talent.The short synopsis revolves around the three friends and how dropping off the wrong packet at the wrong place gets them all into major trouble.
The movie was a major hit among the youth as it was what you say in full meaning Hatke from the usual masala movies and that's what makes it wonderful to watch.The lyrics of the songs are just mind boggling and the dialogues are full of cuss words.So what are you waiting for watch it now.........

Baag Baag DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose Baag...........

P.S-For all those who don't know...please read into the lyrics of the above song.........;-)

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