Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To be a Woman

They say women are lucky to be born women.why i ask???turns out that there are lot of things that we have and can do that men can't.what i ask???the ultimate answer is giving birth.what as if raising an orangutan isn't enough.clubbed with the few little things namely...........getting clothes becomes a tedious task once you turn thirteen except for those who manage to look like a wall slammed itself against them,and that too is you are from a city as mine you cannot walk alone after 7 and you are considered the hooker category,if you have the guts to go sit in the same seat as a guy other than having him dig his elbows into your sides you also have to feel the others stares on you while the older ladies can mumble..."the nerve of that girl to go sit near the guy..." and the older men can say.."sluts i say,all of them",the PMS that accompany the Cycle of wrath with us wriggling in pain while my mother can say..."i have also had it,don't make a huge scene" and the epitome of severity...suffering through hours of labor pain to get an orangutan who won't even listen to you..............

Happy Women's' Day!

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