Thursday, 15 March 2012

Huh!.....My Cousin.........

You walk into a cafe for a coffee and there on that table way over there sits someone who is desperately cowering behind the recognise that person and walk over.she is at this table with this really cute looking guy and they are drinking from the same coffee.....

Me-     "hey you?long time its been"
Ms R-   huh!"hi you"
Me-      (looking like an idiot)..."fine da.......going on"
Ms R-    ....."so u"
Me-      (i came to wash the floor....duuuhhh).."just here for coffee"
Ms R-   (uncomfortable silence for two seconds......)
Me-      "So this is???"(ya ya!!I am INTRUDING!!!)
Ms R-   "Ya da....i so forgot to introduce you guys....This is my cousin......"

 Notice how every couple tend to introduce in this way.You'll agree with me that if you are from India this is a common phenomenon only seen in the rare breed of people called youth.nowadays everyone has a bf/gf (no...not what you think...its boyfriend/girlfriend). even my mother's students who aren't old enough to hold a pen can hold a girl's hand and coyly say"enikkum oru boyfriend"so anyway in this twisted how do you go out with your boyfriend on a bike without elders hitting their heads.."siva siva avalde oru ahankaram". here comes the sheer geniousness of the younger generation,since your boyfriend does not resemble you in any way,unless he actually does.(disclaimer-you can jump to your own conclusions).so then what can you call him that won't make people question you???.....Answer-your COUSIN!!!.

Last heard in FM 93.5 when i was traveling in a bus.The Cousin Strategy!!!The RJ was going on about how when you get into college,you have so much time to hang out with different cousins.So anyway the older gen has caught onto the strategy.You see they have X-ray vision,so whenever you say that this guy is your cousin,they analyze him head to foot to see if that's true.Nowadays even if you are going out with your cousin,no one is going to believe you.

So by the way,I changed my Prepaid to Corporate Postpaid Plan.The A-Company Rep comes to my office and tells me that with the new plan I get an add on SIM.So i can give it to anyone of my family members.(winks..) "Give it to anyone and just tell them to say they are your brother or husband if some one calls and asks..."(winks..).
The other day my friend came to see me.I ask the security guard to call up the back gate and let him in.The Guard hands me the phone and i tell the guard at the back gate to let my friend in.So when i keep the phone the security guard turns to me (wink..) "Next time tell them its your brother or cousin coming..."(winks..)............

And for your kind information it was my Cousin who came that day.....;-)


enikkum oru boyfriend-                    I also have a boyfriend
siva siva avalde oru ahankaram-     OH God the nerve of that girl

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