Thursday, 8 March 2012

Divine Intervention

So started of the day by letting you guyz knowing that i hate being a woman,but who knew...good luck or what,when i came to work today my entire floor was literally out on the floor.Turns out the AC had not been working for the past 8-10 hours and there wasn't a drop of water to drink.And guess what bcoz of Womens Day...some company came up with a finally after 1 hour of shopping at Ground Zero went up for drinks to our food court.After 1 more hour Mr.A (Colleague) called to let me know that AC had come back on.Dragged myself to work to know that there wasn't a single file pending.So guess what we were doing for the next 5 hours.........:-)

P.S-Even the Mango Shake I had ordered was divinely overflowing....

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